!Magic Mirror Maker 5.58

No Image ordinary image into something extraordinary. Just imagine, if you can, what the changes will be like when you apply the warp face or warp picture facility to someone you know or an image around you. So what`s in it? How about Warping Mirrors? These help to disfigure and distort any ordinary image beyond recognition. We dare you to try Magic Mirror on a photograph of yourself before you use it to radically change the identity of family members and

MAVEN TUBE Sound 1.1.0: TUBE Sound provides fantastic 3D sound effect for normal earphones and speakers
MAVEN TUBE Sound 1.1.0

ordinary pc audio into Virtual 3-D Sound, without using multi-channel audio cards, nor multi-channel speaker systems. Your PC sound will become much more dynamic and exciting with various effect sound features (LIVE / WIDE / MEX) on TUBE SOUND. SOUND MODES - Earphone+ : Virtual 5.1ch sound effect on ordinary stereo earphones Comfortable listening as if listening through speakers - Speaker+ : Virtual 5.1ch sound effect on ordinary stereo speakers -

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Ordinary Differential Equations 1.00: Solves boundary-value problems involving ordinary differential equations
Ordinary Differential Equations 1.00

Solves boundary-value or initial-value problems involving nonlinear or linear ordinary differential equations of any order, or systems of such. The conditions may also be linear or nonlinear. The solution will be a finite power or trigonometric series. You have one-click control of the graph with zooming, panning, centering, etc. The solution may be studied by the POWER & TRIG SERIES program to find roots, extrema, derivatives, integral, graph.

equations, math, differential equations, mathematics, science, ordinary, differential, engineering

Ordinary Menu Icons 2011.1: A collection of ordinary menu icons for any application or website interface
Ordinary Menu Icons 2011.1

Ordinary Menu Icons will be a perfect candidate for this job. The Ordinary Menu Icons is a huge collection of high-quality menu icons created by professional artists. The range of topics covered by the collection is extremely wide: file operations, disk browsing, document editing and processing, data management, image editing, email, printing, user management, social interactions, databases and tables, clocks and time, video playback, multimedia,

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Webcam Surveillance Monitor 3.0: Cheap video surveillance solution based on an ordinary webcam and software.
Webcam Surveillance Monitor 3.0

Webcam Surveillance Monitor is an intelligent video monitoring system based on an ordinary webcam and software. It makes ordinary webcams (including wireless webcams) to be professional security cameras. Simply place the webcam towards an area you want to monitor, and then Webcam Surveillance Monitor will capture any motion in front of the webcam and send snapshots to you via emails. It can also play warning sounds to frighten uninvited guys.

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X-Flanger 1.1: This vst plugin for PC was designed to take ordinary monophonic or stereo audio
X-Flanger 1.1

This vst plugin for PC was designed to take ordinary monophonic or stereo audio input and transform it into a wide pseudo stereo field,but this is not just an ordinary everyday flanger,it also incorporates a 4 pole low pass filter(moog filter) and an LFO to expand on the possibility`s available.The plugin also comes with 8 presets and 24 user programs and all the knobs can be automated.

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Diamond Tetris 2.10: Absolutely not ordinary Tetris Game
Diamond Tetris 2.10

Absolutely not ordinary Tetris Game, the world-famous jewellery is turned into the Tetris Game, change all the time . By the ordinary mode, expand the mode and additional game, special content ,etc. make up partly. It includes five absolutely different variations of the famous game with falling blocks: Diamond, Animal, Integrate, Gem and Baffling. You will find friendly interface, nice sounds, music. In this game , include 2700 kinds of change fo

tetris, diamond

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